EZ Spot UR makes it EZ!  Innovative high-quality industrial attachments for handling trees, rocks, barrels and pole setters and rotating forks.


"A job that used to take a week to accomplish now takes two days with two fewer people on the crew."
- Kirk Preheim, owner of Preheim Nursery and Landscaping, Brandon, S.D.

"A good looking very well built piece of equipment. The customer can tell the quality just by looking at the tools."
- Ray Bricker, Utility Truck Equipment, Circleville, OH

"Just a quick note to say thanks for your help with our order! I am glad that we found your company at FNATS. We are excited about receiving the EZ Spot UR attachment for our John Deere loader as it will save us a tremendous amount of time and money here at our wholesale yard. I will definitely be ordering additional units for our locations as we open them."
- Matt Finney, President of Green Goods, Fort Pierce, FL

Making Believers Out of Utilities...
The local utility contracted Griffith Excavation to help remove the sheered poles and replace them. With eight employees, and two skid steer loaders equipped with EZ Spot UR's pole-setting claw attachments, Ken Griffith replaced 800 d poles near Bison and Buffalo South Dakota in about 20 days. The local electric cooperative amassed crews totaling about 100 workers. Using conventional trucks and equipment, they replaced 500 poles in the same amount of time. "The best they got done was 12 poles in a day, our best was 51 in a day", Griffith said. Officials from the power cooperative eventually pulled six of their crews off the job, realizing that Griffith's approach was much faster and cost effective. "We never had one problem during the entire job. The (EZ Spot UR) pole setters are bullet proof". Griffith said he bought five more of EZ Spot UR's pole-setters, and resold them to the local power cooperative and another utility company. "With the skid-steers and EZ Spot UR's attachments, we made believers out of a lot of people", Griffith said.
- Ken Griffith, owner of Griffith Excavation, South Dakota

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